Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sorry for the Silence............

My apologies for the lack of new material and the lack of approving your messages for the last several weeks. I blew my modem a few weeks back and was without connection to the internet until now.

But I'm back............

In fact you will see a new article "Will Tar Sands Peak in 2015?" that has been written and patiently sitting on my computer waiting for me to get reconnected.

For those of you who may have thought I had disappeared for good, no such luck. I'll be here whining and bitching and complaining about our energy myopia for as long as I can.

The time away wasn't a total waste, however. Deprived of the internet I managed to get some much needed work done on my next book.

Thanks for your patience.

Richard Embleton

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Zappnin said...

Richard, thanks for your ongoing contributions. Since I discovered your blog I have been going back and reviewing your earlier posts and the comments they have elicited. Allow me to make one structural suggestion: Enable a full date/time stamp for comments at the settings "Comments Timestamp Format". This gives the reader a better chronological sense of the give and take of the dialog. Thanks. Zappnin