Monday, December 11, 2006

Welcome to my world

I own and moderate my own interactive peak oil on Yahoo, co-moderate two more and am actively involved in a half-dozen others. Collectively these various forums represent one of the largest active peak oil dialogues available to either those new to the issue of peak oil or established peak oil veterans. But they are, indeed, dialogues, albeit with collectively thousands of people talking.

I am becoming painfully aware of the vast differences between that forum and this blog. The greatest single difference is one of feedback. In those interactive forums people explore new ideas, throw out a new concept for discussion, discuss ideas initiated by others. It is a marvelous venue for testing out ideas, one which I find particularly valuable as a peak oil writer. This blog, however, is distinctly different. Other than my books, my greatest peak oil writing efforts are focused right here. Although I get more visitors to this blog than we get visitors to many of those interactive groups I participate in, I do not get that all important feedback and dialogue here that I get in those interactive forums. The only indications I get, in fact, that people see value in what I write for this blog is the number of "repeat customers" I have, the length of time people stay when they do come for a visit, and the number of visitors I have for a particular article.

For those who may not be aware, you can post comments on any of the articles you read in this blog, or comments on any of the comments posted. And I would certainly welcome any comments anyone would like to post here. I do read comments and have set up the blog to require my approval of any comments. This is less for the purpose of editing or rejecting (something I have not yet done for any comment) but rather to make sure I am aware of the comment posted in case it needs a reply. I may respond to the comment, or I may not. Certainly the more people who do comment and the more this blog can take on the character of a dialogue, the more actively I will respond.

I appreciate all the people who have visited my blog. The number of visitors has grown significantly each moth and I hope will continue to rise. So welcome, and do check the index while you are here. You may find several articles of interest to you. And please, please, please feel free to add your comments. Since I must approve all comments, if you wish to make a comment to me but don't want it posted, just indicate this when you post your comment.

Thank you.

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